Top row of popup options hidden

A few weeks ago, the top row of popups somehow disappeared. For example, when I press and hold the letter a, there’s a popup that lets me choose between @ à á etc. But when I press and hold e i o or u, the popup is hidden behind whatever app I’m typing in.


If it helps, I think it happened when I updated to the latest version of Android.

Same for me after upgrading to Android Pie on Oneplus 6.
Popup appears but it’s cropped to keyboard boundings. You can see only a bottom of top row popup.

Same here, after upgrade to Android 9 on samsung galaxy S9. Looks like keyboard is not on top any more. Only top row. Can this be fixed please?

Has there been a fix for this yet? This is really starting to annoy me, it has been like this since the android update. I cant keep using the smart keyboard if this doesent get fixed.

Same here after upgrading android. This is a nogo bug, I can’t use your app, will ask for a refund.