T9 next suggested word?


Hi could you please tell me if you are going to create an option to have a next suggested or predicted word as you type as with other applications I believe this is available on the qwerty keyboard functions but it is not on the T9 please advise


Same here. Would be very useful




It would be really nice to have this prediction. As I understand it, to suggest words before you start typing it, based on the previous word. This is the main feature missing, to make Smart Keyboard (and T9) quicker to type with than others. As I understand it it’s not the “T9 Next Key” feature addressed here. And it’s not available as a function in the qwerty keyboard either.


Bigram word prediction. Another keyboard app (Perfect Keyboard) uses it, but hasn’t been updated since 2012.


Why is that? Perfect Keyboard is not available with Swedish?


Ask the PK dev :wink: