T9 layout changed

The latest update shrunk my t9 keyboard into a tiny square!! It is about 60% the size of normal! There is a big empty box where the the screen should fill. All the keys are here they are just miniature sized. All other keyboards are unchanged. Only the t9 is screwed. The swipe functions work too. I’m gonna lose my mind w/ this tiny thing!Screenshot_20180204-225935

Ok I changed it to the samsung keyboard for a few minutes and tried to use it (horrible!!) And when I changed it back it’s back to normal! Whew. I was losing it. :joy::smiley:

Hi there
Using T9 keyboard
Om SMS there is no (next line) key!!!
Instead its Emoj (;-)) key
I need NEXT LINE key
its there for email and Whats App, But not in SMS
please assist