T9 Isn't Always Available

I’ve been using SK for years and sometime in the last few days T9 has stopped working in certain places. What I mean by not working: tapping or long pressing on the T9 button will not activate it!

It works in the stock SMS app, Hinge, WhatsApp, FB Messenger.
It doesn’t work in Tinder, Play Store search bar, Samsung Interned search/address bar, or Offline Dictionaries.
It works when I put a new event in Google Calendar but not when I put a location in the same app!

I haven’t uninstalled/installed anything and there have been no system updates. I’ve restarted the phone and reinstalled SK to no avail.

Reinstalling and not using Restore From SD Card fixed the issue. Then I had to set everything up how I want it from scratch. It still raises the question of why the issue occurred in the first place as I hadn’t changed anything when it started.

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Thank you this worked for me too. T9 now working again in Google search bar. You’re a star !