T9 in some applications

Hello! Very comfortable keyboard, set because of the support of T9. But this function for some reason does not work in some applications: Text editor in Solid Explorer, Maxthon browser … Is this the problem of these applications or Smart Keyboard?

Thankfully someone has mentioned this too. It drives me absolutely insane the way T9 doesn’t work in some applications (quite a few actually) not least Google Search in Chrome!

Is there anything that we can do to make it work?

Incredibly frustrating!

That said I love this app and have been using it for several years now…would be lost without it. Don’t know how people get by with QWERTY keyboards on their smartphones! :grin:

Anyone care to answer this?..it would be very helpful.


The T9 keypad works, but text prediction/spelling does not function. I think this is a problem with Solid Explorer. I have tried it with various editors (FX TextEdit, QuickEdit, Totalcmd-Editor, ES Note Editor, etc.) invoked from within Solid Explorer (full version) and they all work properly.

Edit: I have tested other T9 keyboards and they all have the same problem with Solid Explorer:

  • Perfect Keyboard Pro [My Perfect Apps]
  • MultiLing Keyboard [Honso]
  • Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 Free [VLLWP]
  • Jelly Bean Keyboard [VLLWP]

Wurde dafür bereits eine lösung gefunden für das problem das t9 nicht in allen anwendungen funktioniert?
So langsam nervt dieses problem gewaltig.

Surely there is a fix for this? It’s incredibly annoying as the list of applications that it won’t work in seems to be growing. For example Amazon, Google applications etc…seems mostly in search boxes.

Please please look into this!

please assist
Using PRO with T9
In SMS application the NEXT LINE key is replaced with Emoji key.
There is no NEXT LINE key!!! only at Whats App and Email, Not at SMS

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