Suggestion Bar Empty, Should Show Punctuation Marks

I’ve been using smart keyboard for awhile now and prefer it over the other alternatives. There is one pet peeve I have with it that drives me crazy. I use the voice-to-text a lot for convenience. Many of times I have to correct the text, which is no fault of smart keyboard, but during this correction, this seems to be where smart keyboard doesn’t act so “smart”. Maybe it’s the user or a setting I missed, but anytime a word touches what should be another separate word, and I put the cursor in between them to enter a punctuation mark to separate them, the suggestion panel goes blank. Of course, I can press the spacebar, and then the punctuation marks display, but then I have to manually click back with my finger or use the volume rocker, because if I use the back key, it just removes the space and I’m right back where I started with a blank suggestion bar. Seems this could be easily resolved with a condition like, if at anytime the suggestion bar is blank, force the standard punctuation marks to display.

Is this a bug, am I doing something wrong, or Is this just a limitation of Android?

Notice the suggestion bar below is blank. Seems like wasted real estate.


I can’t see your uploaded image but, from the description, I’m guessing you need to disable Touch to correct words (Settings > Text prediction > Touch to correct words).

I used the upload feature here, but it gave that weird link that doesn’t work. I just figured it was because I’m a new user here.

That fixed it! Thank you!! I’m thinking I don’t use that feature (Touch to Correct), so I should be good, though time will tell I guess.

Quick question, though may not be a big deal now that the suggestion bar shows the punctuation marks more often. Is there anyway to swap the comma on the left of the spacebar to a question mark, or make the period on the right of the spacebar, its press-and-hold 2nd option to be a question mark? It seems redundant to have the comma on the left and also as the press and hold 2nd option for the period on the right. I would love to have a question mark on one of those keys, though as I mentioned earlier, it may not be a big deal now.

Anyways, thanks again for the suggestion; you were spot on!

I don’t think it’s possible. I don’t need those keys in T9 mode, so I hide them (Settings > General settings > Hide period|comma).