So disappointed

I just did a factory reset of my phone, and discovered that (Even Better)Numberpad Keyboard was no longer available. I searched for a replacement that would do true T9, and found this recommended numerous places.

After spending most of today installing it, setting it up, adding words to the custom dictionary, using it, troubleshooting, and reading through these boards, I’ve decided it just isn’t going to work for me, and I wish I hadn’t paid for it.

Here are my chief frustrations:

  1. If you type one incorrect letter, or one letter more than a word that’s not in the dictionary, it will default to a bizarre mish-mash of letters that appear to be the first letter of each key in alpha mode. For example, if you want to type “friended” (as in, “I friended someone on Facebook”) you can type “friend” just fine, but when you type “friende”, it immediately kicks you back to “dpgdmdd” as your only option. THIS IS SO INFURIATING. And if you have it in T9 but try to switch to alpha mode to add in the “ed”, half the time it doesn’t work. Finally, it would be MUCH more convenient to have “ed” saved as a word, so you can then type “friend”, switch to alpha, immediately switch back to T9, and type “ed”. I was able to do this with EBNK, and it was a very quick and easy way to add a word to my custom dictionary. However, you can’t do that with SKP–you have to add each letter separately in alpha mode.

  2. If you type a word in T9, then realize it’s the wrong word, half the time you delete/backspace to try to fix it, it makes you delete the entire word and retype it.

  3. If you type a word in, hit “Next” to choose the next option in the list, then try to add a punctuation mark from the ?123 screen, it will frequently and without warning automatically change it back to the first word in the list. So, for example, if I type “friend” and then click the “Next” option to choose “friended”, then try to put a dash next to it, at least half the time it will change it back to “friend”.

  4. I cannot use T9 in Google searches with the Google app. I can only use alpha mode. Why would I want to type out search terms in alpha mode??

  5. If you open the emoji keyboard and make a comment, the next time you open the keyboard, it will still be on emoji instead of reverting to T9.

Of all of these, it’s #1 and #4 that are the true dealbreakers for me. I have ZERO idea why anyone would think it would be a good idea to have it try to predict text by using “words” that really are just the first letter on each key in alpha mode (like “dpgdmdd” instead of “friended”), and that alone, along with the frequent inability to edit a word just by deleting back until I get to the end of the word I want to enter, makes it unusable for me.

The whole reason I wanted a T9 keyboard was because I’m considerably faster on it than I am on a QWERTY on my phone, and when I have to constantly slow down and add words in alpha mode and delete and rewrite words so that I can get the correct one, it ends up being slower than a qwerty keyboard would be.

Download the APK and sideload it.