Smartkeyboard PRO (trial) on ZTE Z353VL (physical keyboard - mode to input letters (T9)? - 24 Mar 2018

I (too) wish to use smartkeyboard PRO with an Android flip-phone’s keyboard (this has keys like 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 # *.)

I understand (from problem report in August 2017 and reply by Cyril (“Cannot get t9 to work with physical keyboard of flip phone”) that this is (or was not then) supported.

I also sent my request to e-mail contact at dexilog, but then discovered this user forum (very helpful!)

I wish to request this kind of feature that was expected by user in August 2017 posting, as I have same need.

It would be very helpful for this class of phone. The phone ZTE Z353VL ( has Android 5.1 and is flip phone, which is not common offering, but is very good compromise for flip phone user that needs some smart phone capability. Customized high-value keyboard app like smartkeyboard PRO would make huge improvement in daily operation.

The existing keyboard app in ZTE Z353VL (“TouchPal”, possibly modified by ZTE) lacks ability to customize, and also cannot provide “Enter” or “Go” type function (so input of line of text, for example input to URL of browser or text message, requires then to operate on-screen keyboard.) This is probably oversight by TouchPal app.

Therefore, I wish to request support for this kind of keyboard. Now, smartkeyboard PRO treats flip phone keys pressed only in raw form (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 # *); requested feature would allow these keys to perform also in alpha input and similar kind of operation, and possibly allow customized behavior of physical keys in flip phone.

Thank you!