Smart Keyboard Pro 4.20.0


The first preview version 4.20.0-beta1 has just been published on Google Play (for beta testers).

I started a series of improvements on emojis, the first one is a dedicated row on the top to switch between the different emoji categories:

More improvements will come! Especially a merge with the current smiley panel, and history of recently used emojis.


Great work :clap: Looking forward to what’s yet to come ヅ

A new version 4.20.0-beta2 is on the way!

Now it is no more needed to add “Emoji” language to your language key; you can switch to emoji with long press on enter key (you can use “Custom smileys” option if you prefer the old behavior), or also with a new swipe gesture action.

The “ABC” key in the emoji panel now switches back to the previously used language.


Really good work, and it’s faster as well :clap:

Thank you ヅ

The final version 4.20.0 is now deployed in production!
The flickering effect when switching to emojis with the default Black skin has been fixed.

Hi there,

Are you going to do an update to the emojis anytime soon?
There are a lot of new ones out there that are not available
when we long press enter. =)

In google play, Smart Keyboard pro under features
it says emoji keyboard. If it didn’t include emoji’s then I
wouldn’t have any at all. My phone is not rooted and I
have some emoji’s just not the new ones. There has to
be some sort of update for those. There hasn’t been an
update in over a year for this app.

Yes, SK includes an emoji keyboard, but not the emoji font. The emoji font has been part of Android since Jelly Bean.

The font has nothing to do with the emoji’s. I have downloaded a few
different keyboards and they all have a little toolbar on the top with
an emoji button. All that’s on the top of the smart keyboard is the
exclamation mark, question mark, comma, @ and _. SK is the only
app that has a good t9 keyboard… Have the developers given up
on any updates to this app?? :frowning:

Great, but when finally will come new dictionaries or at least dictionary format specs and/or compiler?

:roll_eyes: well it would be nice if you updated the emoji keyboard that SK includes.

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Hello team…
Can you please please please …add a new language “Malayalam” or “Manglish” when typed in English it turns to official Malayalam language. there’s an app called “Manglish” in Playstore, but it’s not available in t9.