Smart keyboard for iOS


Hi, I have been using Smart keyboard for years. Now I switched to Iphone this keyboard is the thing Im missing the most. There is no even close so good keyboard for iOS.

Do you know, if the developers are planning to make this app also for iOS?
It would be great.

Thank you for response


Hello, thanks for your feedback. Which features in particular do you miss on iOS?


I miss mostly setting to be able to put coma and dot next to space bar ( i found only swype keyboard app has it in iOS). i also miss a lot Slovak language pack. Also wide range of settings like additional row of keys with numbers and displaying of alt symbila on the main keys.


Last time i purchased smart keyboard pro for android, and i enjoy used it.

Now, i changed my gadget to iphone. Can dev smart keyboard pro to compatible in ios.



Hi @Himawan_Sujono, what are the features you miss the most on iOS keyboard?



In iphone 5s, ios 10.3.3 missing :

  1. Autotext
  2. Can make kuadrat and other symbol
  3. No view alt keyboard

I think is very useful.

Thanks for your respond


Please, will be sometime in the near future smart keyboard pro available for ios? After 5Y I changed android platform to ios but iPhone is useless for me without your app. I need alphanumeric keyboard with T9 (Czech and English language) but there is nothing usable in app store (I tried “type nine” app but it does not suit me at all :frowning:


I’ve been using Smart Keyboard for Andorid and hope you’ll make it for the iOS. I’d pay big time. I miss compact qwerty feature the most. None of the current iOS keyboards offer compact qwerty / suretype layout.


Can I hope that smart keyboard will be for ios someday???


When smart keyboard for ios… i need it…


I really miss long pressing a letter for punctuation. Gboard has the long press for numbers, but not punctuation. Grammarly doesn’t even have the number long press. The autocorrect is simply better than even Grammarly’s. If I accidentally hit the space bar autocorrect frequently produces gobbledygook that I have to take more time to erase. Having the voice to text button on the board is great. Only Gboard has that. And the key spacing is more accommodating to my fingers. Grammarly and Gboard aren’t hideous, but they are not close to Smart Keyboard. I would spend good money to have Smart Keyboard back.