Serbian cyrillic


Hello dexilog I have installed your skp app and choosen serbian cyrilic but there are two bugs.First cyrilic letters in cyrillic keyboard are not displayed in cyrillic letters but in latin letters,and second one is cocerning cyrilic letter Ћ there is nowhere that letter just on letter C but in latin variant.I use Honor 8 with android 6


Can you show a screenshot? If you choose Cyrillic Serbian language, you should definitely have Cyrillic letters on the keyboard, and Ћ is available with long press on Ц key.


Yes offcourse no problem I can upload a video also of the situation :smiley: here are screenshots


OK this is interesting ! It looks like your phone translates unicode Cyrillic letters into Latin letters. Smart Keyboard certainly doesn’t do this on its own.


What do you suggest as a solution?


No idea, this is a problem specific to your phone model.
Do other keyboards work correctly?


Yes I am using now swift keyboard. But it is so shame I am so addicted to skp :smiley:


Just to be sure, do you use a third party skin with a custom font? Can you try with built-in skins? Because this is definitely a font issue


I have tried with built in skins but no change everything is the same.


You still haven’t solved the cyrilic problem on honor 8. I contacted Huawei and they say it is not due to their device because other cyrilic keyboard do work. Only yours doesn’t!


Is there any chance that you will solve serbian cyrilic keyboard layout problem any time soon


Someone else also had this problem, but with a different keyboard app:confused: