Predictive text in t9 word selection

I cannot for some reason get the auto correct to select the first choice word for some keystrokes. Like if I try to type pm, so comes up second on the list but it automatically selects it when I want to type pm, pm is the first on the list but it won’t start there so I always have to stop typing, go up to the bar and select it then continue to type (same way w/ am). It’s not horrible because it only happens on a few words but I tend to use ‘am’ and ‘pm’ a lot so it’s annoying!
Also when using just the single quotation (’) once I put the end quote on the word, it cancels the t9 and switches the word back to the tap tap tap method letters. Like ‘Chi’ instead of ‘big’ or ‘pttpgd’ instead of ‘stupid’ (The word Tap does that first word not selected thing like am and pm)
These are quirks that have kind of always been there so I’ve got some good work arounds but it would be nice if everything in the world worked smoothly right?
Thanks for your help!

If you frequently use words which are not selected first, a simple workaround is to add custom autotexts like “pm” -> “pm”, as an autotext always have priority over the normal dictionary.
For the apostrophe issue the only solution is to put combined words in your user dictionary, as in English an apostrophe is considered part of a word.