Prediction is poor in certain circumstances

Hi, I love having a great t9 keyboard and being able to switch between them instantly. It is fantastic. I have 3 suggestions for improvements:

At the moment, if you type a word and then accidentally hit a letter instead of the space bar and continue typing, it doesn’t recognise the mistake. It doesn’t offer the 2 intended words as a suggestion. Other keyboards such as Swiftkey do.

Also, if you type a word and accidentally chose the wrong suggestion, then use delete to go back and change it, it doesn’t offer suggestions at that point.

Finally, if I want to capitalize a word, I can click on it, use the shift arrow to set it to capitals, and tap the suggestion. That works fine - although I’d prefer it if the suggested words were displayed with the capital letter, which they are not. But what I’ve just described does not work the other way around, ie when trying to switch a word from capital to lower case.

Many thanks.