Norwegian's and our letters

I was wondering about a few things.
Is there a way to get the T9 to give the option of picking letters like “å” instead of only the “a b c” when hitting the abc key?
(Yes I know about the holding it down etc. But it slows down the typing)

And then…is it possible for me to remove the letters that is not in use in our language? (Norwegian)

It’s not that big of a deal really. But when we have to “search” for the “keys” that is often and commonly used it turns in to a not so fluent and efficient way of typing. For us that is the letters “æ ø å” mainly.

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciate.

Try saving the characters as custom punctuation (Settings > Text prediction > Custom punctuation) or custom AutoText (Settings > Text prediction > Custom AutoText).

Oh that was one of the first things I did… he he .

But the word or character “å” is a word in its own for us … so its gets somewhat unnatural to have to go “outside” the keyboard to find the right character.

Å is the same as “to” and “oh” + a few other things… so its commonly used for us.
What is not commonly used is the letter a b or c by it self. So for us the perfect option is for that character to be the first option and choice for the key “abc” until you go on to other letters to form the words. Æ Ø is not commonly used alone unless its a dialect issue. “I” is used by it self quite often…but here we get “g” and have to replace it.

Small issues… but small issues that would make it perfect if a way was found. For now its one of the best keyboards out there…I would just like it to be THE best ;-D

Not a perfect solution, but…

Custom AutoText can work here: a -> å
You can have multiple mappings too:
a -> Å
a -> æ

And here too: g -> I

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Now WHY didn’t i think of that? Lol

Thank you. :smiley:

It’s so awesome when a problem is solved… now i just have to pay attention when i put in the a in English… “å” minor problem in all in all. :smile:


To all Norwegians with the same issue… problem solved!