Need alpha markings on numeric keypad

When signing in to my bank account the numeric keypad is used for entering a long numeric code of my own choosing. It’s impossible to remember a long numeric code so instead I’m creating a code that consists of words that I can remember like “GeorgeHasAFunnyFace”. Other keyboards like Swiftkey keyboard has letters displayed on the numeric keypad and the correct code would then be entered as 4367434272386693223. As of now I have to switch from Smart Keyboard Pro to Swiftkey when logging into my bank.


I’d very much like to have alpha markings on the numeric keypad.

(BTW - the logon process for my Bank is more complex than described but I guess you get the gist of it…)

Sorry, sorry, sorry… Just forget this request. Smart Keyboard Pro has the feature I requested. It’s Swiftkey that doesn’t…

…jumping to Swiftkey support… :flushed: