Long press save to dictionary often fails

I add my words to the custom dictionary by long pressing on the word in the suggestion bar. I’m too sloppy to have words added automatically. However when I long press on a word often nothing happens. I’m not getting a saved confirmation and have to go back and type the word again to be able to save it. It happens so often it is annoying so it would be great to have save work reliably.


Hi, having the same issue.
Sometimes the dictionary doesn’t ‘accept’ the new word. Second time it usually works.

Would be nice to have this bug fixed. :slight_smile:

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I have had the same issue since I moved to a Galaxy S10+
Except, it does not work at all. It is very frustrating to not be able to add words to my dictionary.

I keep thinking I do not have some feature turned on, but I have searched and searched and can’t find a button for “Save Words to Custom Dictionary with Long Hold”

Please, someone HELP!!!
Is there anybody out there?? HELP!!!

Io quando inserisco una nuova parola non riesco a memorizzarla perché non esce evidenziata in basso con il colore arancione…
Come fate voi?

Mine doesn’t work either. Samsung galaxy s10e