Key Width Option

I have been using this keyboard for years, and this is the best keyboard to me.

I recently upgraded to a larger phone, and it is hard to reach the edge of the keys with one hand now. Phones are getting larger and larger these days, and it would be nice there is a “key width” option. It could well behave like “key height” option does, changing values make the keyboard shrink horizontally to the center. Please add this feature.

Thank you.


Indeed it can be useful, though centering the keyboard is a bit arbitrary.
I would rather add a setting to set left and right margins independently.
Not sure if a bottom margin would be useful too (in addition to the bottom padding)

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Separate margins would work too. I can set the same margins on both sides to have it centered. Some may have their keyboard on the right or left side depending on their preferences. It is hard to use phones with one hand these days.

What is the difference between a margin and padding?

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Margins are transparent, while padding is just empty space on the edges of the keyboard (with the same background)

I am not sure if a bottom margin is of any help, because I don’t use padding either. A bottom margin option with side margins would give a floating keyboard then? I don’t think I will use that, but some may like the idea, idk.

I like how I can resize the ZenUI keyboard on my ASUS ZenPad S8 Z380M. You can adjust height, width and placement both horizontally and vertically (you can leave a space between the spacebar and the soft buttons.)
For larger tablets a full width keyboard does not work well in landscape mode.
Other than that SMK looks really great (and does not automatically add a space after periods like one of your competitors. :wink: )

P.S. Because SMT works so well in portrait mode I will buy the pro version. Keep up the good work.

Motorola Edge has same problem as Galaxy Sx Edge. Keyboard extends in to edge screen and unable to be “touched”. Was there ever a fix for this on the Galaxy?