Japanese: missing various katakana support


In Japanese language, there are three character sets. Hiragana, Kanji, and Katakana.

SKP is now missing several katakana features which I thought for sure was supported in versions years ago.

  • Typing in capitals should switch from hiragana to katakana. aka -> あか, AKA
    -> アカ.

  • Typing a single sound or a whole word should always have the katakana option in the prediction bar. Now it usually does not show katakana unless it’s a known word. Since katakana is often used to express sounds or unknown/foreign words, there needs to be a katakana option.

  • Can find no way to enter several individual “small” variants of hiragana and katakana. Should support x or l prefix like most p.c. input methods. tsu -> つ xtsu -> っ . Often have to hope the wanted character shows up inside a longer prediction and then erase the extra characters.