Ideas for key combinations

Since Coma is integrated Period key (long hold), Coma key could be renamed as Ctrl (control) as physical keyboard key and could be combined with other keys for more functionality of the keyboard to make typing and editing faster and easier.

  1. Cursor control = sliding Space bar left/right to move the cursor
  2. Long hold Coma (Ctrl) and sliding Space left = select letter; part of the word; whole word or several words – as long as we slide left.
  3. Long hold Coma (Ctrl) and sliding Space bar right – for deselecting the part not needed.
  4. Long hold Coma (Ctrl) and slide to A = Select all
  5. Long hold Coma (Ctrl) and slide to X = Cut
  6. Long hold Coma (Ctrl) and slide to C = Copy
  7. Long hold Coma (Ctrl) and slide to V = Paste

Additionally, the the Ctrl key could be a long-press of the shift key, as it doesn’t currently have a long-press function. Likewise, a long-press of the spacebar can be a Tab button… Optional to enable/disable it in the settings.

Totally Agreed! Honestly, though, even without the additional functionality you wonderfully advised here, just having the capability to “ctrl-z” to get my (sometimes) PAGES upon PAGES of text that was torn rather immediately from existence when having accidentially touched or slid through or over something I wasn’t supposed to.

After the hand surgeries I have had and the compounding arthritis, life becomes even MORE painful when having to re-type (re-peck, to be honest) hours of work (which would have taken most everyone else minutes to accomplish the same) that disappears without hope of recall.

Please, PLEASE, grant me that one most simplest of wishes of being able to recall my text from the ethos with SOME means of implementing something equivalent.

Thanking you in advance for your concern in this most despirate of matters!

Sincerely and without hesitation atop the bent knee of your choice,

Max Laing, D. MP
CEO /Project Development
ActionCore, Inc. and the Allowing Success Distribution Network.