I have a feeling of abandonment


Over the last few months I’ve seen very little activity here, especially from the developer. I’m hoping it’s because he is busy improving and adding features to Smart Keyboard but I do not see much sign of it.

Smart Keyboard has been my keyboard for years but other and more actively developed keyboards are knocking on the door and Smart Keyboard is not prefect (although pretty close). It is a lean mean typing machine I hope will receive some TLC from it’s developer soon. At least getting to know the plans for the keyboard would be great and could possibly heal this feeling of abandonment. :sunglasses:

Two main feature requests other keyboard have:

1 Go back to normal typing after adding one emoji. Having the keyboard stay in emoji mode until you tap back is annoying and not typical keyboard behavior.

2 Have a most used emoji section at the beginning of the emoji screen.

Next word prediction would be great but is not a must for me.

Happy New Year!