How do I get rid of the smiley button?

I searched the forum already and got zero results for this. How do I replace this stupid smiley face button with a Enter or Return button?

Does anyone read this? This is a basic question. I have used this keyboard through 3 different phones, and I have never experienced this before.

Try General settings > custom smiles > Smiley key: off

I tried that already. The button is still there.

It seems ridiculously lazy of this company not to provide support for a product they charge money to buy. Instead they try to get users to do their work for them.

I tried on my phone and it works exactly from that setting, when ON the smiley button appear on the keyboard, when OFF it disappear.

What I can still suggest you is to do a backup from the setting menu and uninstall and reinstall the app.

Well, that doesn’t work either. I uninstalled. Reinstalled, and the key is still there even with the box not checked.

I repeat, it is ridiculously lazy of the creators to try to get users to provide support for the product they charge money for.

Does anyone from dexilog READ THIS CRAP?

I guess I will ask one more time before I go find a keyboard app that the developers actually support:


Ridiculously lazy developers.