Emoji 11.0 update?


The 2018 Emoji 11.0 pack has been released since Feb of this year. Will it be implemented into the current Emoji language pack?


Is there any update to this? please respond support team.


SK doesn’t include any emoji; it uses the system emoji font /system/fonts/NotoColorEmoji.ttf. You can update this, but you need root.

Smart Keyboard Pro 4.20.0

How do I remove all emoji from my keyboard. Currently not using SwiftKey as I cannot delete the key. Its a waste of time from my point of view, and it’s almost impossible to use without hitting it by accident. The most searched for app on the play store is Keyboard without emoji. Can someone please put one up for me to download.


If it uses the system emojis why don’t I get the new ones that have been added? If I use the stock Samsung keyboard, I have a whole bunch of emojis that don’t show up when I use Smart Keyboard Pro.


It probably has something to do with Samsung devices using their own custom emoji font /system/fonts/SamsungColorEmoji.ttf.


mine is also missing many emojis, including the new ones (body parts, more hair/skin colors) but older ones as well, raised eybrow, etc, they show up in the messages webpage, and other places, but not with smartkeyboard, based on this webpage, i’m missing a quarter to a third of the ‘regular’ emoji faces (yellow circle based), and many many more of the other ones that are supposed to be part of the ‘standard’ android 9.0 emojis
this is on my stock pixel 3xl, switch to gboard, and all the emojis are there, switch back to smartkeyboard pro and its back to the limited selection