Dvorak and/or custom layouts


Hi! I’ve been using SKP since 2012, but I recently changed to a dvorak layout and found my favourite keyboard doesn’t support it :((

It would be amazing to either have a dvorak layout or have the keyboard layout source open so we can make our own layouts for any language available.

Would this be possible?

Thank you for your work
A true typer and SKP fan


Hello, there is an “English (Dvorak)” layout, isn’t it what you need?


I hadn’t seen it! This is embarrasing… Thank you!

Can we still have a way to customise our own keyboards to change the key order?


happy new year!

little question, I have been a faithful user 8 years aprox… from phone to phone… I always used english and spanish with T9, but now because of a faulty (and necessary) app, I need to have english in querty (portrait) while keeping T9 in spanish… is that possible?? I seem to remember seein the type of keyboard change along with the language, but I cant seem to find it now…

any ideas???