Delete words from dictionary

Hi, how can I delete words from the dictionary?
And I don’t mean from the user dictionary, but from the standard dictionary.

Sometimes I see words suggested that either don’t really exist, or are names of places where I will never go, etc. As they have priority in the suggestion lists over the words that I DO want to use, it’s a tad annoying.
Being able to delete them would be nice.

Is there a way? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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As the moment you can’t, but as a workaround you can define a custom autotext to replace the unwanted word by the correct one.

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Are you fixing blowing me to edit delete dictionary words. ? And numbers playing up. IS anyone still even keeping this app updated and fixing glitches?

That should be allowing me. Not blowing. This keyboard has been really annoying lately making mistakes and playing up.