Delete from user dictionay in bulk mode


I have A LOT of entries in my user dictionary which is pure nonsens, because they are added from misspelled words etc.

Would it be possible to have an option “Delete multiple” from user dictionary, and when pressed it should be possible to tick off every word the user wants to delete, and then finally delete them all, just by pressing delete once ?


I Second this…it would be a very handy function to have! :+1:

Hi! This used to happen with me. If you go to settings…text prediction…and UNcheck learn new words. :blush:

But this is a useful feature…we are just frustrated with the incorrect words that we want to delete in an efficient way.

It is a very usefull feature that words are added auto. But it is impossible to avoid that there will be added a lot of crap at the same time, and therefore a function to delete from userdictionary in bulk, would be very very usefull, please ? Just make a “delete multiple” option in user dictionary, and then a lot of tickboxes with every entry, so we can tick of the 500 entrys that we want to delete, and then a delete marked button. It would be so good!

I had the same problem, so I disabled the Learn new words feature. Now I use a different SK feature to add words to the user dictionary - long press the suggested word:

Another usage of long press is to add words to the user dictionary: you just need to long press the typed word in the suggestion bar (when the “suggestions” option is active) to add it to the dictionary.

I agree with this. The user dictionary is great. But all the added bogus words drive me nuts. I have probably over 3000 words like gmgmada …aaada…tmmwmjag…ddggmm… etc. The one thing I would change that others suggest is…yes…click boxes. But have an option to SELECT ALL. Then, we can just uncheck the words we want to keep. And picking like the 300 of those that are real…is a lot faster that over 3000 words to delete. That would take hours. As it is now… if I wanted to clean the dictionary from all the mgmgmjd type stuff… it would LEGIT take me probably 3 - 4 hours. .