Custom AutoText not working

Hello, I am using Smart Keyboard Pro and I have currently set up custom autotext shortcuts. Unfortunately, the feature does not seem to be working. If I type the shortcut and space it does not get replaced by the text. Any ideas as to why? Thx, Lucie

Hello, what do you see in the prediction bar before typing space? Can you show a screenshot?

You need to use the complete prediction feature for that? I have disabled the auto predictions. I would just like to use the autotext. Is that possible?

Actually yes, as the custom auto-text appears in the prediction bar and is highlighted by default.

Too bad, I would have appreciated that :frowning:

However, I just checked that if you keep “Quick fixes” option on (without suggestions), the auto-text works in most cases

Thanks, I’ll try it out and see if it is convenient for me. But it seems to be working with the quick fixes :slight_smile: