Copy, Paste, Cut, Select All short keys


Hi guys, would you be interested of having short keys of “Copy, Paste, Cut, Select All” available on Smart Keyboard like long press “Space” for example or other key and chosing among this four options instead of stretching fingers and holding a word on screen?

Cursor movement

This would be a nice addtion! Perhaps add option in settings for it to be a submenu of a long-press of spacebar or an addtional set of buttons on the arrow pad-screen.


In addition, we should have Undo and Redo buttons added to this menu. This is also the only keyboard I have ever used that has no means to change the case of a selected word. Other keyboards I have used implement this feature by allowing the user to select a word and then pressing the shift key from lowercase to Title case to UPPERCASE - for example, for the word “the” - select the word press Shift key successively to - the, The, THE. This is such a basic feature that I am surprised the developers have not implemented it yet.


To Whom This May Concern…

First off, thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful keyboard replacement solution for Android. If you keep such records, you can see how long I have been using this wonderful tool that has greatly enhanced every moment of interfacing with the various devices I have had over the years and I deeply thank you for your considerable efforts.

When I originally purchased Smart Keyboard and witnessed the powerful enhancements it offered to the User Expierence I immediately shared what I was now blessed with utilizing with my wife, Janet Ballweber, which will also be in your database. Then, shortly after that my mother. Then Janet’s mother. Then, eventually, every employee in our company, Allowing Success etc, etc, etc…

Should you ever get to the other side you can officially tell them that you made a difference.

Second, what might we be able to tempt you with to add what would effectively be an “oops!” button? Mire accurately, the ability to UNDO whatever boo-boo that may have been inadvertently cast unto the ethos?

Seriously, on behalf of the entire Smart Keyboard user-base - current and in the future - what could we collectively offer you to consider the implementation of such a thing?

Sincerely and without hesitation,

Max Laing, D. MP
CEO / Project Development
The SMB Professionals Group and the Allowing Success Distribution Network


Было бы шикарно иметь такую возможность