Chinese Keyboard doesnt show characters

Hey guys, I need help regarding the Chinese simplyfied keyboard. I would love to type in Pinyin and then chose the respective Chinese Character, as it is possible with all the other keyboards. I can select the language in the settings, but when I use the keyboard, there is no line of suggestions where I can chose the character when I start typing.

For example if I type “wo”, I expect to be shown a list with characters corresponding to that, beginning with 我. Instead, there is nothing, the letters are only underlined… if I hit space, it just transforms to a exclamation mark “!”

I’m not sure if this feature is not yet developed correctly or if this is a bug. Would be happy about any suggestions.

I use a Samsung A3 2016
Android 6.0.1

Hello, did you install the Chinese add-on (“Chinese for Smart Keyboard” app)?

Thanks for the super fast reply! :slight_smile:
Yes I did install it from the google playstore. Do I need to activate it somehow? It just said “Installed”, without further information or settings.

Well, no, usually there is nothing to do, except choosing Chinese language in the settings.

When you type “wo” you are supposed to see that:

This is what I expected, but this is what I see:

it just underlines the word, there are no characters.

This is what I tick at the “select Language”

If you have any suggestions what I could do, I would be happy :slight_smile: I reinstalled the app, that didn’t help.

Thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

Ok, so the problem seems to be that you have no suggestion bar at all!

Does it appear in other languages? Do you have “Suggestions” option activated? And “Always suggest” too maybe?

Ahh now I feel silly, I deactivated the suggestions, because I dont like it when typing not chinese. I didn’t make the connection between the two…

Now the chinese keyboard works perfectly.
Another question: I have two keyboards, Chinese and German. Can I deactivate the suggestions for German, but keep them on for Chinese without needing to change the settings everytime?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Not really… at the moment this option is global for all languages.

The Chinese displayed is simplified Chinese. How can I changed to traditional Chinese?