Backup problems

I got a new phone. I have the 3 backup files for the user dictionary text predictions and app settings saved from my old phone but I can’t get the app to import or restore the settings! What am I missing?

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Hello, do you have an error message? Have you enabled “storage” permission for Smart Keyboard Pro (it should ask you to do it when you try to restore settings)

no message. It pops up “CVS import complete” after I click 'import user dictionary or auto text. And then it asks if I want to overwritethe file and I say yes. The ‘restore from sd card’ just closes down the whole app and takes me to my home screen. I checked the permissions and storage is allowed. I don’t know if the file is located in the place the app is looking for it, but I can’t find a place to change the file location.
Thanks for your reply

The best way to make sure the file is where it’s supposed to be, is to delete it, and do an export on the new phone and see if a new file is created there (of course backup yours somewhere before!)

OK. I figured out how to do the user dictionary and auto text. It was just moving the file under the right folder. the backup settings are in a zip file and when I extract them it just has those two files inside. I thought the “backup settings” would be something that saves the settings menu, as in how you have the keyboards setup/gestures and settings like that. Is that what it should be? Thank you so much for your time. I’m pretty decent at this stuff but it definitely had me scratching my head!
I just want to say that having to use the stock keyboard for even a little while made me appreciate your app SO much more! Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!

Yes “backup settings” saves everything (settings and dictionaries), but you are not supposed to extract the zip file, you must do restore settings without touching it.

Try to restore from userdic on a new Samsung S8. Didn’t work so tried to export from the new phone to check file location. Says CSV export complete, but I cannot trace it anywhere! Storage permission is on. Anything else I should have done?

I finally figured this out. I’ve got Smart KB Pro on my new Note 8. I backed up settings on my old phone to the SD card and put the SD card backup in the Note 8. When I tried Restore from SD Card, it just went back to the On Screen Keyboard Settings screen. I tried the Backup trick and found that it put its backup, not on the SD, but in internal storage. When I moved the backup zip file there (and renamed it back to instead of the altered name I had given it!), it finally worked, user dictionary and all.

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hi Cyril, my phone dont have slot for sd card. is there any way to save the back up to internal storage folder?

Yes, “SD card” is actually misleading, backup/restore works whatever storage type is used (external or internal)


I have the smart keypad pro. The handset does not take an SD card. I now have a new phone. How do i transfer my dictionary over to my new phone? Thank you