AutoText Recovery From SuperKeyboard Pro?


This app seems to be a descendant of SuperKeyboard Pro, with many exceptionally good improvements and — best of all — backup of the autokeys so that years of careful crafting of a whole system of shortkeys doesn’t have to be laboriously re-entered on every new device!


(1) Can SmartKeyboardPro be empowered to import the autokeys table from the inaccessible (w/o root) SuperKeyboard .db file it resides in?

Barring that, can you suggest how to recover that data on a stubbornly unrootable LG tablet or other unrooted device?

(2) I miss the plethora of symbols that SuperKeyboard had, which SmartKeyboardPro lacks. Plus the Select, Copy, Cut, Paste options of the former.

A lot to ask, for sure … but no guts — no glory.

I’ve tried everything to retrieve that db. I’d love to integrate it to SmartKeyboardPro & never again have to “reinvent the wheel” because all my devices will be synched by this outstanding software (5★+)!

Thanks for your consideration.

Steve in Toronto



Hi Steve, glad you like Smart Keyboard ! I released it early 2010, so I bet SuperKeyboard is the descendant, not the other way around :wink:
Regarding access to this .db file, I fear that rooting your phone is indeed the only way, that’s the whole point of Android security mechanism.
About symbols, did you have a look at the “More symbols” option?


Thanks, Cyril.

My apologies for having put the cart before the horse! [Have you seen SuperKbPro’s .db? A virtual knockoff of yours! — I do have one rooted device.]

I didn’t know about the option you mentioned, but I’m re-reading the docs.

Congrats on the exceptional work, BTW!


Many thanks, THelper! That looks like a productive link.