Automated keyboard


Hey there! Nice keyboard you’ve got here, this is the best keyboard so far, it has cool shortcuts and all. I’ll like you guys to this feature. If many shortcuts are saved to just a key like “a”, can you make the shortcuts dynamic in the sense that when the key is pressed and the first shortcut is highlighted, if pressed again, it highlights the second shortcut and so on. I’d love it more if this feature is added.

From a user


hey there, i had to answer this because it made me smile. I worked with a guy in the 80s with a similar idea. i know a lot has changed since I started out but a key click is still a key click; it can toggle into perpetuity but it will never scroll - it’s a binary world - even its most sophisticated components can only count to two. We build on those limitations with the addition of function keys, and we build on function key limitations through contortion, press once, hold twice, never let me go stuff … i hope this doesn’t diminish your passion