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Can the mic and comma button coexist? Like, short tap comma.and longtap mic

I would love to see the following features:
• option to make the keyboard smaller so that people with small hands can type one handed on a large screen
• option to set a default keyboard and language per app and globally(in my case: I usually use Dutch when texting but in my web browser I use english)

Regarding the danish keyboard in compact mode: The æøå letters are currently placed under the letters they look like, ie. ø>o. While this is in fact how it was on the old T9 keyboards, on our computer keyboards they’re all placed on the far right. They’re used just as often as the other vowels, so it’s just counter intuitive and frustrating, that two of them are on the far left. I suggest that æ and å is placed on the l button. Ø is coincidently already where it should be. I also suggest they be displayed on their buttons alongside the other letters. They aren’t funny accents, they’re letters I use. I’d rather be without q, w, z and x.