About dictionaries

What are dictionaries for various languages for this keyboard? Can I make dictionary for my native language which dictionary is not in play store?

you can find all the available dictionaries on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Dexilog,+LLC

The data needed to build a dictionary is basically a complete word list, including the frequency of each word (or at the very least a list sorted by frequency, if the frequency itself is not available)


  1. Is same dictionary suitable for using for text prediction and T9 input?
  2. Can you create Latvian dictionary using public available frequency word list? Like this https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=3732E80B128D016F&id=3732E80B128D016F!9761&parId=3732E80B128D016F!3584&o=OneUp

P.S. Generally this resource looks as good source of language-specific information

Or can you share dictionary format specifications and/or dictionary toolkit?

@uzer thanks for sharing the corpus list

Yes the dictionary is the same for T9 and normal text prediction

Once I have a bit of time for it, I can make a Latvian version from your word list

I can also suggest dictionaries from Android LatinIME.

I had paid to get the keyboard, assuming that Hindi dictionary / typing would be available , as advertised. Disappointed to learn that Hindi dictionary is not available. Please suggest appropriate plug in for Hindi language

Any updates regarding new dictionaries and its format?

Hi @cyril
Maybe you consider going open-source or at least finally share dictionary format specs/compilers if you don’t have time to support application?

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