30% mistype on T9

I always use T9, because for me, I do less mistype using this mode than in querty mode.
When I type (for example) “c” it oftentimes (not always) gives me “aaa” rather than “c” (or “aa” rather than “b”).
It also occurs to "e, f, h, i, k, l, n, o, q, r, s, u, v, x, y, z, alphabets that need more than 1 click.
Sometimes it gives me “hgmm” rather than “in” (other example)
I have typed very fast, the fastest way that someone could do. The problem still occur when I slowdown the typing speed.
It happen in both my xiaomi note 5 pro and galaxy note 9.
So i think it is not the problem of the device.
Please answer me at andylie07@yahoo.co.id, for I am not often opening this site. Thank you.

Turn off text prediction.

I didn’t use text prediction, because i used Indonesian language. Please understand that in T9 mode, to type “c” for example, you must type “aaa”, but it should gives us “c”, not “aaa”.
The same as “www” for “y”, “pppp” for “s”, “jj” for “k”, etc.

Post a screenshot to clarify.

I typed “mmm” to get “o”, but it gave "mmm"
I want to type “post”, it gives “pmmmst”.
I type “push”, it gives “pttsh”.
It was not ALWAYS happened, but sometimes.
Why do you ask screenshot?
What kind of clarification will be clarified?
What kind of solution will you suggest?